Berlin’s Most Popular Hostels

berlinHostelling, to a great extent, isn’t a popularity contest. It’s about going against the grain somewhat, about getting off the normal tourist track and seeking out more singular experiences than the average traveler might. But the fact remains that even though hostellers tend to be more intrepid travelers than most, it’s still nice to have a little bit of a sense of security when you’re booking a hostel in an unfamiliar city that tells you other people before you have liked the place.

Which is why a list of Berlin’s most popular hostels is not meant to be some kind of hostel pageant but instead is designed to help give you an indication of which hostels get consistenly high marks from previous guests and tend to fill up more quickly. With this list, you’ll not only learn which hostels get the best ratings in Berlin, but which hostels you need to book well in advance to make sure you’ll get a bed.

Of course, what makes a hostel popular isn’t always going to be the same criteria. Maybe it’s party central, maybe they offer the best amenities, maybe it’s got the best location, or maybe it’s just got a nice laid-back vibe. The bottom line is that all the hostels on this list are well-liked for one reason or another and are often full, especially in the high season.

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The Most Popular Hostels in Berlin

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

The number of awards the EastSeven Hostel in Berlin has racked up over the years is probably enough to tell you that it’s a well-run hostel, but the fact that it’s regularly ranked among the top 10 hostels in the world should tell you even more. It’s listed in all the major guidebooks, and has a great location in Berlin that’s close to a U-Bahn station for easy access just about anywhere.

EastSeven Berlin Hostel isn’t a party place (it’s a family/child-friendly hostel, and stag and hen parties aren’t even allowed), although it’s incredibly social and can be lively. The common areas include a comfy lounge and a back garden area that make for lovely spots to relax. Guests get free WiFi and free walking tours, and you can even rent bikes right at the hostel if you’d like to wheel around the city.

The Circus Hostel

If the name “The Circus Hostel” makes you think this hostel is a popular party spot, then you’re on the right track. With an on-site bar – Goldman’s Bar – there’s always a place to hang out with a drink and chat with other guests, but there are also regular parties that transform the bar into a dance club or karaoke lounge.

The Circus Hostel is well-placed in Berlin, walking distance to many of the city’s attractions and also close to a great night-life area. There’s a restaurant/cafe at the hostel that serves up cheap (and good) food, including an all-you-can-eat-breakfast. You’ll get high-speed internet access and free WiFi, and you can make free phone calls using the hostel’s Skype setup. Plus, they’ll book your next hostel for you for free as well.


You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate a nicely decorated hostel, and the Inn-Berlin definitely fits that description. It’s not a huge place, with only 33 beds, but each room is individually and colorfully decorated by an internationally-known artist. The owners take great pride in their hostel and great care of their guests.

Inn-Berlin is located near public transit for easy access to all of Berlin’s big attractions. Each room has a private bathroom, even the dorm-style rooms, and both towels and linens are included in the price. Guests get free WiFi (which extends to most of the rooms) and free internet access, and a small breakfast is also included.

Wombats City Hostel Berlin

Frequent travelers may already be familiar with the Wombats chain of hostels, and if you are then you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the Wombats City Hostel in Berlin makes this list of the city’s most popular hostels. In every city where you find a Wombats, you can almost guarantee it’s one of the most well-liked hostels in that city. These people just know what they’re doing when it comes to running hostels, and it shows.

The Wombats City Hostel Berlin location is one of the newer branches of the chain, and is located in central Berlin near public transportation as well as a good neighborhood for night life. The on-site bar (cleverly called the womBar) is on the building’s 7th floor and boasts a lovely terrace on which you can enjoy your drinks outdoors in nice weather. Guests get free WiFi in the lobby and a free welcome drink when you arrive, and the womBar serves up cheap food and drinks to anyone who walks in the door.

Pfefferbett Hostel

If having a name that’s fun to say were the only criteria for success, then Pfefferbett Hostel would be a shoe-in. (The name may not be fun to say if you are, say, German, but for the rest of us it’s a hoot.) This hostel occupies a 19th century former brewery building right in the heart of one of Berlin’s top nightlife and arts districts, and thankfully the building renovations left the original vaulted wooden ceilings intact.

Since Pfefferbett Hostel is in a former brewery, it only makes sense that one of the hostel’s common areas should be a beer garden (this one has great historic ambiance). The hostel is close to public transport, and there’s an on-site bar and restaurant. Guests get free internet access and WiFi, and a cheap breakfast is also available.

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