Finding Hostels in Venice

Venice has a well-earned reputation for being over-crowded and crazy expensive. And although there are times when the city is blissfully quiet and ways to avoid spending a fortune, both of those things are, for the most part, true. But there are a few honest-to-goodness hostels in Venice, or at least places that boast hostel-like prices. The places on this list should help you enjoy this beautiful canal city without the need of a trust fund.

>> Venice isn’t a city that’s absolutely full of hostels, but there are other budget-friendly places listed in our Venice hostels section.

A Venice Fish

A Venice Fish wins the “cute hostel name” award, but it’s more than just a cutesy name. This hostel, located in the Cannaregio neighborhood, has both dorm-style rooms and private doubles (although even the private rooms share bathrooms). There’s a big common room for relaxing and socializing, and it’s also where the owner serves up free dinner most nights of the week.

Note that there’s an age limit at this hostel (you have to be under 40), and they require cash payment when you arrive. There’s no lockout or curfew at A Venice Fish. It costs more than your average hostel, but for a bed in Venice it’s still a fantastic deal.

Address: Campo de la Maddalena, Cannaregio 2205
What’s Included: Linens, towels, internet, breakfast, some dinners
What Costs Extra:

Lagoon Hostel

The Lagoon Hostel is on the Giudecca island, which is across the Grand Canal and the Giudecca Canal from St. Mark’s Basilica (you can see the onion domes of the Basilica from the hostel). It’s a short boat ride from the main islands, but since Venice isn’t really a nightlife city anyway it’s not a big deal to be staying more than a stumble away from the center.

This hostel isn’t open year-round, so if you’re visiting outside the peak summer travel season you’ll have to look elsewhere. But if your travel plans have you in Venice in the summer, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Address: Giudecca Fondamenta Redentore 186
What’s Included:
What Costs Extra: Linens, towels, internet

Haven Hostel

Another hostel in Venice that’s not open year-round is Haven Hostel, located in the San Polo district. But if you’re visiting between mid-July and late August, you’re in luck. There are both single and double rooms available, most with private bathrooms, as well as a common room for socializing.

In the common area you’ll have access to a TV as well as table tennis, and there’s a small terrace at the hostel where you can enjoy a view over Venice’s rooftops. Internet access is also available in the common room.

Address: Campo San Toma 2846
What’s Included: Linens, towels, internet
What Costs Extra:


The Invenice Hostel is probably more accurately described as a guest house, because they’re rooms which are attached to the owner’s apartment. There isn’t a common room and most of the accommodation options share bathrooms. It’s very basic, but it’s a great rate for central Venice.

The apartment is located near Piazzale Roma, which is where the only parking lot and the bus stop are, across the Grand Canal from the train station. You’ll need to contact the owner by phone in order to get in, and it’s cash only when you arrive – so keep that in mind.

Address: Santa Croce 415/c
What’s Included: Linens, towels
What Costs Extra:

Dimora Serenissima

Another hostel that’s really more of an apartment in Venice is Dimora Serenissima – only in this case, it’s a collection of apartment rooms in different parts of the city rented out by a company. You have to check in at their main office and then they bring you to your apartment or room.

Dorm-style shared rooms and private rooms are both available, and all apartments come with private bathrooms, kitchens, TVs, and fans (no A/C). Some rooms are close to the train station, some are on the other side of the city.

Address: Reception office: Santa Croce 555
What’s Included: Linens, towels (some breakfast fixings in the high season only)
What Costs Extra:

Venice Rooms

Although it’s lovely to stay on the Venetian islands when you visit, another option that is often cheaper is to stay on the mainland. Venice Rooms is one hostel that’s on the mainland, but still very close to the islands. There’s a bus stop very close to the front door, and it’ll have you at Venice’s Piazzale Roma bus stop in the city center in 15-20 minutes.

Like a few of the other options on this list, Venice Rooms is – as the name suggests – rooms in an apartment rather than a proper hostel. There’s a computer which is available for guest use, and a common kitchen area as well. Note that it’s cash only upon arrival, and towels aren’t included (you’ll need to bring your own).

Address: Via Casona 23-C/1 (outside Mestre)
What’s Included: Linens
What Costs Extra:

Venice photo at the top by stevewhis

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