Prague’s Best Party Hostels

praguebarThere was a time when Prague was one of the best ways to experience that seemingly elusive “old world” European charm without spending a fortune. Those days may be largely gone, with prices in Prague having climbed out of the basement, but the Czech capital city is still an excellent bargain (especially compared to some other European capitals) – and to top it off, it also happens to be an excellent party destination.

Prague is a great city for all kinds of tourists, but young and social travelers in particular will enjoy its fantastic nightlife and many choices for clubs. If you’re traveling on your own and want to meet other like-minded party-goers, or you just want to make sure that you’re maximizing your opportunities for socializing from dawn to dusk, then you’ll want to check yourself into one of these party hostels in Prague for the duration of your stay.

Should you get all partied out midway through your stay, or should you just want to browse through all your options before settling on a place to sleep, then have a look through our more complete listings for Prague hostels – this is a city with lots of cheap beds to go around.

The Best Party Hostels in Prague

Hostel ELF

Just reading the reviews of Hostel ELF in Prague is enough to give you the idea that this isn’t the place to stay if you’re looking for something quiet or laid back. One could argue that this is Prague’s party hostel, no matter how social or happening other hostels in the city are. Located in the Zizkov area, it’s a 5-minute walk to the central bus station and 10 minutes from the train station.

Hostel ELF has an on-site bar, like any good party hostel should, and it’s also in a neighborhood that has lots of choices in the way of pubs, bars, and night clubs. The atmosphere at the hostel is incredibly social, as many guests choose ELF just to meet other travelers, and there’s a big comfy lounge area and terrace where you can hang out. Breakfast and linens are free.

Clown and Bard

When you’re talking about a hostel that’s not right in the center of all the stuff you’ll want to do and see in Prague, you better also be talking about a hostel that’s fun to hang out in all by itself – and such is the case with Clown and Bard in Prague. There’s a basement bar at the hostel which is the ideal spot for hanging out with other travelers or having one last drink before bed after your night on the town.

Located in the Zizkov neighborhood, Clown and Bard has been open since 1995 and offers all co-ed dorms. Breakfast is available (but not included in the price) and internet and WiFi are free at the reception area. The hostel’s on-site bar often hosts live music gigs, and there’s no lockout or curfew.

Hostel Marabou

Another hostel located in the Zizkov neighborhood, Hostel Marabou is lively, brightly colored, and ready to welcome you with a free beer upon your arrival. If that’s not the perfect way to start your stay in a party hostel in Prague, we don’t know what is. The hostel’s on-site bar is a great place to unwind after a long day of sight-seeing, or just to hang out with other like-minded travelers.

In addition to the free welcome beer, Hostel Marabou also offers free linens, free internet access, free WiFi, and free breakfast to all of its guests. And if you stay for a full seven nights, you’ll only pay for six, so you’ll get one night for free – which is great incentive to extend your Prague trip.

Sir Toby’s Hostel

While Sir Toby’s Hostel has an on-site bar and is known for its social and friendly atmosphere, it’s one of two hostels on this list that isn’t all about the party. We’re still including it here because it’s got an excellent social vibe and it’s a great place to make friends – who you can then join in party excursions all over the city!

Sir Toby’s Hostel has a nice garden area with BBQs and a reading room full of big pillows in addition to its basement pub, so there’s more than one spot for relaxing and socializing. And there are regular movie nights, in case you’d like a night in.

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