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Amanda Dean

  1. Current Age?

  2. Nationality

  3. Where do you live now?
    Albion, USA

  4. Occupation

  5. When it comes to travel accommodation (but leaving out crashing with friends, family or people you meet on the road), how often do you stay in hostels?
    This was my first time hosteling

  6. Where have you hosteled?

  7. Would you stay in a hostel again on future trips?

  8. Why or why not?
    Number one, it is the cheapest way (besides camping) to travel and explore. I also like the feeling that you are staying at a close friend's house (if you get a good hostel).

  9. Out of all your experiences hosteling, what was your:
    • Best Moment
      Waking up to a free breakfast.

    • Worst Moment
      The neighbors cooking fish next door.

    • Biggest Hurdle, Obstacle or Difficulty?
      Feeling like I was being watched.

    • Biggest surprise?
      That a hostel bed was more comfortable than mine.

  10. Do you ever book any of your hostel accommodation in advance?

  11. Why or why not?
    I don't want to get stuck somewhere with no place to sleep!

  12. Who is the most memorable person you met in a hostel and why?
    Joe is the owner of Lyons House Hostel in Niagara Falls, and he was the most memorable, because he had so many interesting stories.

  13. Why do you stay in hostels, as opposed to other types of accommodation?
    The price, and because living quarters are so close, you are bound to meet other people which could lead to exploring something you didn't know about, or a new friendship.

  14. Is there a hostel you'd recommend to other travelers? If so, what is it and where?
    Lyons House Hostel, Niagara Falls, Canada

  15. What is the biggest myth people have about hostels and hosteling?
    That you have to sleep in a big room with people... but you can get a private room.

  16. Why do you like to travel?
    To me, travel is learning. It will open your eyes to things that cannot be experienced through TV. It is meeting people and witnessing their way of life. It is trying new foods and hearing new music, and maybe finding somewhere else you'd like to live!

  17. What is your advice for other travelers wanting to stay in hostels?
    Book through a reputable service, like!