Hostel Interviews

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Alton L. Spencer

  1. Current Age?

  2. Nationality

  3. Where do you live now?
    Valley Village, USA

  4. Occupation
    motion picture negative cutter

  5. When it comes to travel accommodation (but leaving out crashing with friends, family or people you meet on the road), how often do you stay in hostels?
    Sometimes a hostel, sometimes a hotel or B&B, etc

  6. Where have you hosteled?

  7. Would you stay in a hostel again on future trips?

  8. Why or why not?
    Inexpensive. Meet random strangers.

  9. Out of all your experiences hosteling, what was your:
    • Best Moment
      Meeting a beautiful swedish girl.

    • Worst Moment
      F-F-FREEZing showers

    • Biggest Hurdle, Obstacle or Difficulty?
      Checking out after hours in a particular hostel.

    • Biggest surprise?
      Pictures/ description vs. REALITY!

  10. Do you ever book any of your hostel accommodation in advance?

  11. Why or why not?
    Better safe than homeless.

  12. Who is the most memorable person you met in a hostel and why?
    PATRICIA!! Swedish. Flight attendant trainee. 20 years old. 'nuff said.

  13. Why do you stay in hostels, as opposed to other types of accommodation?
    I'm POOOOOR. And you can meet random Swedish flight antendants in training.

  14. What is the biggest myth people have about hostels and hosteling?
    That it's an unsafe rest stop for predatory hooligans.

  15. Why do you like to travel?
    See different places, cultures, people, lifestyles, foods, blahblahblah... Restores SOME of my love of the good ole USA.

  16. What is your advice for other travelers wanting to stay in hostels?
    • Find some place close to the thing you wanna see and do...
    • Don't pack a lotta crap...
    • Bring/buy your own towels, soap, etc...
    • Find out if they provide bed stuff...
    • TRUST NO ONE with anything of serious value...
    • Wherever people hang out in the hostel, hang out a while and talk to 'em...
    • Don't be a wuss and JUST stay in the hostel – you're somewhere foreign for godsake...
    • Get a good map (and a compass)...
    • Know where the hostel is and the phone number...
    • Check around for other hostels in the area, especially if you're not digging where you are....
    • That's all I got.