Hostel Interviews

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Julie Macdonald

  1. Current Age?

  2. Nationality

  3. Where do you live now?
    Edinburgh, Scotland

  4. Occupation
    Secondary school teacher

  5. When it comes to travel accommodation (but leaving out crashing with friends, family or people you meet on the road), how often do you stay in hostels?
    Sometimes a hostel, sometimes a hotel or B&B, etc

  6. Where have you hosteled?
    Australia, New Zealand, USA

  7. Would you stay in a hostel again on future trips?

  8. Why or why not?
    Best place to meet people. Cheap and no need for plush hotels... you only sleep there!

  9. Out of all your experiences hosteling, what was your:
    • Best Moment
      Meeting loadsa people from all over the world.

    • Worst Moment
      Sharing a room with a recent ex-pupil, or dirty kitchens!

    • Biggest Hurdle, Obstacle or Difficulty?
      Booking hostels during busy times.

    • Biggest surprise?
      Meeting people you know from home.

  10. Do you ever book any of your hostel accommodation in advance?

  11. Why or why not?
    Always book during busy times. Always book first few nights so you know you have somewhere to stay. Don't book too far in advance 'coz your plans ALWAYS change.

  12. Who is the most memorable person you met in a hostel and why?
    My best friend Fi. Met in Oz and she moved to Scotland and have been best friends ever since.

  13. Why do you stay in hostels, as opposed to other types of accommodation?
    Cheap, meet people, loadsa information/help available.

  14. Is there a hostel you'd recommend to other travelers? If so, what is it and where?
    Rainbow Lodge, Taupo, New Zealand

  15. What is the biggest myth people have about hostels and hosteling?
    That they are cheap and nasty and full of big families from Germany!

  16. Why do you like to travel?
    Why stay in your own country when there is so much else to see? Work hard, play hard!

  17. What is your advice for other travelers wanting to stay in hostels?
    Take advice from other people who have been there. Use a Lonely PLanet or Rough Guide – indispensible!