Hostel Interviews

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Sherry Cumber

  1. Current Age?

  2. Nationality

  3. Where do you live now?
    Qingdao City, China

  4. Occupation

  5. When it comes to travel accommodation (but leaving out crashing with friends, family or people you meet on the road), how often do you stay in hostels?
    Sometimes a hostel, sometimes a hotel or B&B, etc

  6. Where have you hosteled?
    Asia, Canada, Europe, Mexico South America, USA

  7. Would you stay in a hostel again on future trips?

  8. Why or why not?
    My experiences so far have been pleasant and it is a great way to meet other travelers.

  9. Out of all your experiences hosteling, what was your:
    • Best Moment
      Finding out the beds were comfortable.

    • Worst Moment
      Waking up with a strange man standing over me in his underwear.

    • Biggest Hurdle, Obstacle or Difficulty?
      Squat toilets.

    • Biggest surprise?
      Finding out I was using the men's toilet and shower during my entire stay. I thought they were trying to use the wrong one.

  10. Do you ever book any of your hostel accommodation in advance?

  11. Why or why not?
    It takes the worry out of whether I can get a room or not.

  12. Why do you stay in hostels, as opposed to other types of accommodation?
    Good way to meet people, and of course much cheaper.

  13. What is the biggest myth people have about hostels and hosteling?
    That it is noisy and dirty. Not so in my experiences.

  14. Why do you like to travel?
    It is in my blood I suppose. I want to see, learn, experience everything I can in life.

  15. What is your advice for other travelers wanting to stay in hostels?
    Go for it!