Hostel Interviews

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Stephen Frost

  1. Current Age?

  2. Nationality

  3. Where do you live now?
    Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

  4. Occupation
    public servant

  5. When it comes to travel accommodation (but leaving out crashing with friends, family or people you meet on the road), how often do you stay in hostels?
    pretty much all the time

  6. Where have you hosteled?
    Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, USA

  7. Would you stay in a hostel again on future trips?

  8. Why or why not?
    Meet other travellers, clean, safe, cheap.

  9. Out of all your experiences hosteling, what was your:
    • Best Moment
      At last a clean toilet.

    • Worst Moment
      Cleaning the toilets.

    • Biggest Hurdle, Obstacle or Difficulty?
      No toilet paper.

    • Biggest surprise?
      Today they are so upmarket.

  10. Do you ever book any of your hostel accommodation in advance?

  11. Why or why not?
    Mostly in major cities or times where I think they may be booked out.

  12. Who is the most memorable person you met in a hostel and why?
    A 20-year-old Swedish girl in Cairns. Why? What do you reckon.

  13. Why do you stay in hostels, as opposed to other types of accommodation?
    I believe the staff would be more honest, trustworthy.

  14. Is there a hostel you'd recommend to other travelers? If so, what is it and where?
    YHA, Sydney, Australia

  15. What is the biggest myth people have about hostels and hosteling?
    Having to clean the toilets and that they are only for young dudes.

  16. Why do you like to travel?
    Get away from filling out surveys.

  17. What is your advice for other travelers wanting to stay in hostels?
    Do not trust anyone, check out the rooms before you pay and then have a great time.