What Are Hostels?

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The dictionary defines a hostel as "a supervised, inexpensive lodging place for travelers." That's a good start, but here's the rest of the skinny.


That's a bit more comprehensive. What it boils down to though, is that hostels are another means to having your trip, your way. They aren't a bottled-up, wrapped-in-cotton-wool condensed version of home; they are a vibrant and mellow mish-mash of people from all over, mixing right with the locals and their ways and means of life and living. They are much, much more than a place to sleep, and can be a distinct part of your trip, not to mention the source of more than a few stories and experiences.

Need reasons why you should hostel? No worries. To find out more about hostels and hosteling, and to check out and book hostels online, just work your way through the links below.