Best Party Hostels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s reputation precedes it, which is why it’s such a popular travel destination for young backpackers who are bound and determined to indulge in all manners of hedonistic pursuits before they’re too old and wise to know better. But despite being a city where marijuana and prostitution are legal, the number of party hostels in Amsterdam is actually relatively small – in fact, the hostels in London and Paris are more well-known for their party vibe.

It’s also worth noting that while “party hostel” in most places means a hostel that has a bar or a nightclub and a place where drinking copious amounts is the norm. In Amsterdam, although most of the party hostels have their own bars, they’re more known for being weed-friendly than being alcohol-centric.

Still, there are a few great Amsterdam party hostels, so if you’re looking for the best of the wild beds, be sure to check yourself into one of these places.

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Flying Pig Downtown

Flying Pig Downtown – Nieuwendijk 100, 1012 MR Amsterdam
There are three Flying Pig hostels in Amsterdam, and two of them routinely turn up on party hostel lists (including this one) – but the clear winner in not only the Flying Pig category but also the party hostels in Amsterdam category is the Flying Pig Downtown.

The street this Flying Pig location is on is relatively busy during the day, but surprisingly quiet at night. Still, once you set foot inside the building you’ll forget all about the empty street outside. This place is all about the party, pretty much non-stop. The hostel has its own great bar on site that stays open until 4am, as well as a smoking lounge.

There aren’t many bars in the neighborhood outside the Flying Pig Downtown, but there are a few good coffeeshops. And the city center’s small enough you can get to the better bars easily if you so desire.
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St. Christopher’s at the Winston

St. Christopher’s at the Winston – Warmoesstraat 129, 1012 JA Amsterdam
St. Christopher’s is a chain of hostels in several of Europe’s biggest tourist cities, and there is one in Amsterdam – and it just happens to be among the best party hostels in the city. The more lively hostels in the chain have their own on-site bars (all called Belushi’s), and St. Christopher’s at the Winston is no exception.

The Belushi’s at St. Christopher’s at the Winston is great and really social, and happens to be a popular local watering hole – so you’re apt to meet residents as well as other travelers in the bar. They’ve got drink specials that run until 11pm, but the party often goes until the wee hours. In fact, the hostel’s private patio is typically buzzing with activity until 4am.

This hostel is in the infamous Red Light District of Amsterdam, which means there are plenty of bars and coffeeshops around, but the prostitutes in windows are on another nearby street.
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Flying Pig Uptown

Flying Pig Uptown – Vossiusstraat 46, 1071 AJ Amsterdam
The second Flying Pig hostel to make an appearance on many party hostels lists is the Flying Pig Uptown, sometimes called the Flying Pig Palace. Location-wise, it’s not as great for those who are looking to be in the midst of the historic city center – it’s a good half-hour to walk to the Red Light District, for instance – but it’s definitely a lively and social hostel in its own right.

The Flying Pig Uptown is sort of between the historic city center and where the city starts to turn into residential suburbs, and the building housing the hostel actually overlooks the pretty Vondelpark. So if you want to mix your partying with some communing with nature, this is a good place to do it.

There’s a cool bar at the Flying Pig Uptown hostel, as well as a smoking area, and there are actually some good bars and coffee shops within walking distance in the neighborhood.
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The Bulldog

The Bulldog Hotel & Hostel – Oudezijds Voorburgwal 220, 1012 GJ Amsterdam
Another party hostel you’ve probably heard of is The Bulldog Hotel & Hostel, partly because it’s got a reputation for being touristy. But that comes mainly from the fact that The Bulldog is also home to Amsterdam’s first coffeeshop, opened in the 1970s.

Now, while The Bulldog isn’t one of the better coffeeshops in the city today, the hostel itself is definitely one of the more social spots. There’s an on-site bar that’s got a really relaxed atmosphere, and there’s also a smoking lounge. In fact, it’s one of the most weed-friendly hostels in Amsterdam.

If the social scene at the hostel isn’t enough, it’s right in the Red Light District – so there are plenty of great night clubs, bars, and coffeeshops (not to mention sex shows) just outside the door.
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Durty Nelly’s Inn

Durty Nelly’s Inn – Warmoesstraat 117, 1012 JA Amsterdam
Don’t be fooled by the name – Durty Nelly’s is actually quite clean. The hostel is owned and run by the same people who run the Irish pub that’s just downstairs from the hostel, and which is the center of all the social activity.

The hostel doesn’t have its own common area for hanging out, which is why all the socializing is done in the Durty Nelly’s pub. This pub, however, is definitely a good one – and it’s on the same street as many of the city’s best coffee shops and bars, so you can always browse around between a few of them within easy reach of your hostel.

Unlike most of the other places on this list, Durty Nelly’s isn’t as cannabis-friendly as you might think. There’s no smoking lounge (because there’s no lounge, period), and there’s no smoking in the pub. So as long as you don’t mind leaving the party behind when you’re in your dorm, this place works out just fine.
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