Best Party Hostels in Brisbane

hostelpartyBrisbane might not be the first city that comes to mind when you’re planning an Australia vacation – unless you’re headed down under to soak up the Queensland sun and play on the Gold Coast. If that’s the case, then Brisbane should be high on your list. It’s Australia’s third-largest city, but it’s more well-known for its laid-back attitude and party-hearty atmosphere.

In some ways, Queensland’s capital plays third fiddle to more popular tourist stops like Sydney and Melbourne, but there’s so much to do and see in this part of Australia that Brisbane makes an ideal place from which to explore the region. And if you’re looking for a party when you’re in town, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding it.

There are lots of hostels in Brisbane, owing to the Australian love of backpacking and budget travel, but some of them put more emphasis on a chilled-out social vibe and/or actual sleeping than any serious partying. The hostels listed here, on the other hand, are known for their parties – so if you stay at one of them, don’t get cranky if you’re not getting your shut-eye.

Here, then, are some of Brisbane’s best party hostels.

>> And for a greater selection to choose from, this list of Brisbane hostels is a good place to start.

Bunk Brisbane Backpackers Hostel

The name of this hostel, Bunk Backpackers, might make you think that they’re actually focused on the bunks and therefore on sleeping. And although there’s plenty to love about the bunks and the rooms at this place, it’s the social scene and the bar that earn it a spot on the party hostels list.

Bunk Backpackers’ Birdee Bar (say that five times fast) serves as a cafe by day and a happening night club by night. Summer nights are particularly lovely in the bar, as its patio gives way to two big hot tubs. In fact, if you’d like to combine your hot tubbing with your drinking, all you need to do is get your beverage in a plastic cup and you’re off. There are weekly pool parties at the hostel, and the neighborhood around Bunk is also well-known for its nightlife.

Base Brisbane Central

There are a few Base hostel locations in Brisbane, but it’s Base Brisbane Central that’s the grandfather of them all. It’s one of Brisbane’s oldest hostels, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s old-fashioned. Base Central remains a Brisbane favorite among backpackers who prefer the social side of travel, with good reason.

Base Backpackers Central has enough beds for nearly 400 people, and that fact alone makes it a good place to stay if you’re a solo traveler interested in meeting people. But when you learn that the hostel’s Down Under Bar has as its motto, “Go hard or go home,” you might get a better idea of the kind of socializing they’re encouraging. During daylight hours, you might also want to take advantage of the job center at Base Central (if you’re lucky enough to have a working holiday visa) or the on-site travel shop.

Tinbilly Travellers

One thing that makes a hostel great is proximity to public transportation – and on that score, Tinbilly Travellers ranks high on the list. It’s directly across the street from the Brisbane Transit Centre, making it easy to find when you first arrive and easy to depart if you’re trying to make a fast getaway. Plus, if the nightlife-heavy neighborhood right outside the hostel isn’t enough for you, you’ll only have a short way to stumble to be zipping to another part of the city.

But even though there are lots of excellent nightclubs and bars within walking distance of Tinbilly Travellers, it’s the hostel’s own social atmosphere and on-site bar that make it noteworthy for those seeking a serious party hostel. Sure, the rooms are comfortable and clean, but dance nights at the Tin Bar and Grill may keep you from spending much time in your bed.

Brisbane Backpackers Resort

The vibe at Brisbane Backpackers Resort is a little different than the other places on this list. It’s definitely social, with friendly and helpful staff and guests who (for the most part) like hanging out with the new friends they’ve made at the hostel. But, strangely for a hostel, it actually lives up to its name as a “resort” as well.

Although Brisbane Backpackers Resort is a few minutes from some very hip neighborhoods, they’ve done a good job of making the hostel a place you don’t mind hanging out in for awhile. With a great outdoor pool, a tennis court, and a spa, backpackers more accustomed to roughing it might feel like they’ve died and gone to hostel heaven. There’s also an on-site bar, lest you think a hostel on a list of party hostels would be bar-less, and there’s a free shuttle service to and from the Brisbane Transit Centre so you can get anywhere else in the area.

photo by Shayne Kaye

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