Best Party Hostels in Paris

For some people, finding a place to stay in Paris is about finding a cheap bed in a clean building in a safe part of the city. But for others, it’s all about the party. Sure, the clean and safe things are also good, but if your main interest is finding a cheap hostel that’s got a great party vibe, then look no further than these three infamous party hostels in Paris.

>> In the end, if you decide you’d like to leave the party and the club and get some sleep, there are plenty more hostels in Paris you can choose from.

The 3 Ducks Hostel

Perhaps the most notorious party hostel in Paris is The 3 Ducks. This place is so focused on the social aspect of travel, in fact, that it regularly receives bad marks in departments like “cleanliness” and “noise” – but we suspect those come mostly from travelers who aren’t as into the party atmosphere as they think they might be when they book their bed. And strictly in terms of being a party destination hostel, The 3 Ducks is top-notch.

Two of the most important questions to ask of a hostel if you’re in the mood to party are whether it has its own bar, and whether there’s a curfew or lockout period. At The 3 Ducks, they’ve answered all of those questions properly. The bar at The 3 Ducks is repeatedly mentioned in guest reviews as being an excellent place to hang out and meet people, and you’ll find cheaper drinks here than in many other parts of Paris. And because there’s no curfew or midday lockout period at The 3 Ducks, you can count on being able to play until dawn and sleep through the next day if you want to.

As mentioned, some previous guests have been unhappy with the level of cleanliness and the overall noise factor at The 3 Ducks, but if you’re in Paris to party, you’ll find this hostel a great place to stay.

Address: 6, place Etienne Pernet – 75015 Paris
Cost: Budget travelers can find cheap beds here for about $25 in the low season to around $35 in the high season (and the rates go up from there, depending on the size of the dorm room you choose).
What’s included: Simple breakfast, internet
What costs extra: Sheets, towels, WiFi

Peace and Love Hostel

For anyone who might prefer a hostel that seems to care equally about the party scene and the overall cleanliness of the bathrooms, there’s Peace and Love Hostel. This place is still very much the place to be if you’re looking for a good time – the people who run the hostel promote it with a giant warning which reads, “DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU ARE A SLEEPER!!” The idea at Peace and Love Hostel is that while there are beds in the building, they’re generally used during the day as guests sleep off the night before. So, no complaining allowed – you’ve been warned.

Peace and Love Hostel also ranks highly on the party hostel scale because it, too, has its own bar and lots of cheap drinks available, and there is also no curfew or midday lockout time. This leaves you no reason not to hang out in the hostel bar until closing time (which is 2am) and then in whatever nearby bars will have you until much later than that – because, after all, you have all daylight hours to catch up on your beauty sleep.

Every room at Peace and Love Hostel has an en suite bathroom – even the dorms – so while you’ll likely be sharing a bathroom with the other people in your room, you won’t have to wander down the hall in order to take a shower. And just in case you want to combine the social thing with the sight-seeing thing (hey, you are in Paris), the hostel staff gives walking tours of the city which give you a chance to learn something as well as win free drinks along the way. If that’s not a reason to pay attention to your tour guide, we don’t know what is.

Address: 245 Rue La Fayette – 75015 Paris
Cost: The cheapest beds cost between $30 in the low season and $45+ in the high season.
What’s included: Sheets, towels
What costs extra: Breakfast, internet access

St. Christopher’s Paris

As well-traveled hostelers know, the St. Christopher’s name means you can count on both a reliably good hostel and a great social scene. St. Christopher’s is probably most often associated with London, where they’ve got several locations, but there are also a couple of hostels in the chain in Paris – including this new purpose-built 300 bed hostel between Gare du Nord and the Montmarte area. It’s relatively new, so it hasn’t yet shown up on the radar of as many party-seekers as the other two places on this list have, but that’s no reason to think you’re not going to have a good time here.

St. Christopher’s Paris is one of the St. Christopher’s locations with a Belushi’s Bar – not all of the hostels in the chain have one, so this is a real perk. In addition to being a great place to hang out and have some drinks with friends old and new, there are often also DJs and live music at Belushi’s which help make it the place to be. And, like the other party hostels on this list, St. Christopher’s Paris also has no curfew or midday lockout period.

If you were paying attention in the first paragraph, you’ll have noted that there are 300 beds at St. Christopher’s Paris – which means that if you’re visiting during the high season, you’re pretty much guaranteed to meet some new people. But if you’re a girl traveling solo and you’d like a bit of refuge away from the party as well, this St. Christopher’s also has a female-only floor with a “few extra creature comforts.” Sorry, guys.

Address: 159, rue de Crimee – 75019 Paris
Cost: The best prices for beds are about $35 in the low season and go up to more than $50 in the high season.
What’s included: Sheets, breakfast, WiFi
What costs extra: Towels

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photo by stevenvanwel

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