Top Party Hostels in Europe

A trip to Europe isn’t just about sight-seeing. For many backpackers on their European tours, it’s also about finding the best party in every city. Luckily, in many of Europe’s big tourist cities you don’t need to look any further than your hostel to find party central.

For each of the cities listed below, we’ve highlighted one hostel that’s particularly well-known for its social vibe – and in many cases, there are also links where you can find out more about other party hostels in that city as well.

>> And as you can imagine, there are way more hostels to choose from than just the ones listed here – so if you want more selection, browse through our comprehensive listings of hostels in Europe.


London is blessed with a copious number of hostels, and a large number of them can be considered party hostels. In fact, pretty much every hostel in the St. Christopher’s chain in London qualifies as a party spot – but the one that rises to the top is the flagship hostel in the whole St. Christopher’s Eurpoean chain. It’s St. Christopher’s Village in the Southwark neighborhood.

Like many of the best St. Christopher’s hostels, the Village has a Belushi’s Bar that occupies the entire first floor of the building – and this location also happens to be the central hub for partying for a few of the other St. Christopher’s hostels nearby, so the bar gets lots of traffic from people who aren’t even staying in the same hostel. The bar is open until 4am on weekends, and until 2am weekdays, and there are regular festive events like quiz nights, karaoke, and stand-up comedy.

St. Christopher’s Village offers free WiFi, a rooftop pool (yes, a rooftop pool in a hostel), and actually boasts a great location within walking distance of many of London’s top sights. All this, and a party hub as well.

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Like London, Paris has lots of hostels to choose from – and a few with a reputation as super social party spots. One that stands out is Peace and Love Hostel near the Gare du Nord. The hostel’s own description proclaims, in giant all-caps letters, “DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU ARE A SLEEPER!”

If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, you should also know that there’s no curfew or lockout time at Peace and Love Hostel, and the hostel’s bar is open until 2am every night serving up drinks at low prices (especially cheap during Happy Hour). This is also one of the few hostels which includes towels in the price of the bed – although you’ll pay extra for breakfast and internet access.

Peace and Love Hostel isn’t located close enough to the top sights of Paris to make them easy to walk to, but it’s close to a Metro station – so you basically have the entire city at your feet as soon as you by a Metro ticket.

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If you think Amsterdam is one big party city, you’re not far off – but oddly, this city doesn’t have as many strictly party hostels as some of the other cities on this list. One that is most definitely a party spot, however, is the Flying Pig Downtown.

There are two Flying Pig hostels in Amsterdam, but this one is more well-known than its cross-town cousin. It’s got its own on-site bar, which stays open until 4am and serves cheap drinks all night long, as well as a smoking lounge inside the hostel itself.

While the Flying Pig Downtown might leave a little to be desired in the cleanliness category, it’s super convenient for sight-seeing, and you can’t beat it in the party hostel department in Amsterdam.

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The neighborhood around Rome’s Termini Station is full of hostels and cheap hotels, many of which have their own bars and a social atmosphere. But The Yellow really stands out, for a couple reasons.

First, The Yellow Bar is open late and offers drink specials to guests. Second, there’s no curfew or lockout period, so you’re free to party late and crash back into your room at any hour. But most important on the “party hostel” list is The Yellow’s famous pub crawl. It starts in The Yellow Bar, but you’ll get to sample the best party spots in Rome with the guidance of a Yellow staffer and with the company of your fellow hostel guests.

The Yellow also hosts parties in the bar on a regular basis – including toga parties and costume parties – so make sure to find out if there’s anything on the calendar during your stay.

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Barcelona is one of Europe’s best cities for young backpackers on the hunt for a good time, so it’s not surprising that there are a few hostels (mostly located around La Rambla) that are very social. Still, it’s Kabul Backpackers Hostel that rises above the rest in terms of being a great place to party.

Like any good party hostel, Kabul Backpackers doesn’t impose a curfew or lockout period – and it’s also probably not going to win any awards in the cleanliness department. But the hostel has its own bar (a must for a true party hostel), and as a bonus it’s also pretty centrally located to many of the top sights in the city.

Breakfast and internet are available for free, as is dinner on some occasions, and Kabul Hostel also organizes nighttime tours of Barcelona.

Check out EuropeanHostels for more hostels in Barcelona.


Whether you’re in Edinburgh to party on Hogmanay or just stopping in the city en route to another in your European tour, you’ll find several hostels offering cheap beds. But if you’re looking for the party spot, look no further than St. Christopher’s Edinburgh.

Like all the best St. Christopher’s hostels throughout Europe, the Edinburgh one is located above the hostel’s Belushi’s Bar – but in Edinburgh, there are actually two bars connected to the hostel, both of which also serve as restaurants.

As a result of having two bars on site, St. Christopher’s Edinburgh is able to offer live entertainment every single night of the week, as well as discounts on food and drinks for hostel guests. Breakfast is also included in the price.

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Among Europeans in the know, Dublin is a popular city break destination – especially if you’re looking to let off some steam and have a good time. Most of the hostels in and around the bustling Temple Bar area are quite social, but Barnacles Temple Bar House stands out.

Right in the middle of Temple Bar, Barnacles Temple Bar House doesn’t have its own on-site bar – which might seem odd for a hostel noted as a party hostel. But because of the many popular pubs and bars a few steps from the hostel’s front door (including the famous “Temple Bar” two doors down), the entire neighborhood can sort of be considered the hostel’s bar.

Also atypical for party hostels, Barnacles Temple Bar House is ranked highly in terms of “cleanliness.” The hostel has no curfew or lockout, is perfectly located for visiting most of Dublin’s top attractions, and offers both a free light breakfast and free internet and WiFi.

>>book a hostel in Dublin


Although Prague may no longer be the super-cheap backpacker haven it used to be, it’s still very popular with budget travelers – and Hostel ELF is the place to stay in Prague if you’re looking for the party.

In addition to having its own bar (and a fridge “full of cold beer”), Hostel ELF also hosts free pasta night every Monday and there’s no curfew or lockout period. Breakfast is included in the price of the bed, and in the low season they offer every 5th night for free.

Hostel ELF also offers free internet access and a discount on dorm beds for students. The hostel is located about 10 minutes on foot from Prague’s central train station.

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Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Munich during Oktoberfest – you just need to book a bed at Wombat’s City Hostel to make sure you don’t miss out on the party year-round.

This Wombat’s City Hostel is part of a small chain of hostels, with locations in Berlin and Vienna in addition to this one, and the Munich branch is regularly ranked at or near the top among hostels in the city. There’s the on-site bar – the womBAR – with cheap drinks and cheap food available, and no curfew or lockout to cramp your style.

Guests at Wombat’s City Hostel get a free welcome drink and free internet access, but breakfast costs extra. Unlike many party-hearty hostels, Wombat’s gets high marks for cleanliness, too.

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