Hostels in New York Near Times Square

There are some cities that are just well-prepared for guests, and New York City is one of them. Some neighborhoods in Manhattan have more hostels in them than some entire cities do elsewhere in the world. But in a city like New York, where you want to be as close to the action as possible, it’s even more important to stay right in the heart of everything – which is why booking your stay at one of the New York hostels near Times Square is such a good idea.

There are quite a few hostels near Times Square, and if you include apartment rentals and super-budget hotels in that list then it’s really overwhelming. To help you narrow your choices we thought we’d highlight just a few of the Times Square hostels that you might want to consider for your trip.

>> And if you want to broaden your search, you can hunt through all the other New York hostels in our listings, too.

Times Square West Hostel

Times Square West Hostel is run by the same folks who run Times Square Dream Hostel (listed below), two of the most highly-rated hostels in New York – let alone in the area around Times Square. It’s two blocks from Times Square itself, and close to a subway station, and it also happens to be on a nice street.

Amenities include free cable TV, free WiFi, free internet access, free long-distance calls in the U.S., and both bed linens and towels are included in the price of the bed. The beds are extremely comfortable, and although there’s an age limit listed it ranges from 18-50 – so this certainly isn’t your typical “youth” hostel.

Note that even though you’ll be reserving your room with a credit card online, the hostel only accepts cash or traveler’s checks as payment when you check in.

Times Square Dream Hostel

The Times Square Dream Hostel is the one from which Times Square West Hostel (listed above) was born, and the same people continue to run both. Both hostels get rave reviews from past guests, and the Times Square Dream Hostel in particular “lives up to its name.”

This hostel is a whopping one block off Times Square and a subway stop. It’s clean and comfy and offers free WiFi and internet access, free long-distance calls in the U.S., free cable TV, and free sheets and towels. There’s no kitchen, but there is a fridge and a microwave.

Like the Times Square West sister hostel, Times Square Dream Hostel only accepts cash or traveler’s checks as payment upon arrival. This place also has a wide-ranging age limit, though not as wide-ranging as its sister location – at Times Square Dream, you’ll need to be between 18-45.

311 Times Square Hostel

The 311 Times Square Hostel is a five minute walk from the square, but is also conveniently close to Central Park and Broadway. Past guests say the rooms can feel overly small, but for the price – and especially given the killer location – it’s worth being a little cramped.

This hostel isn’t relying on its great location, however, it also offers plenty of perks. There’s free WiFi, free internet access, free use of the printer, free linens and towels, free shampoo and soap, and free use of the available hairdryers. Plus, the hostel often runs dinner specials at their on-site restaurant for up to 50% off.

There’s a three-night minimum for reservations and a maximum stay of 30 days, and the age restriction at this place is between 18-40. You’ll also want to know there’s a per-hour penalty if you show up late, so be on time (or let them know you’ll be late).

Big Apple Hostel

As the only hostel on this list without the words “Times Square” in the name, Big Apple Hostel deserves some kind of special mention. Thankfully, the hostel deserves special mention for other reasons, too. It’s less than a block from Times Square and also within walking distance of Central Park and the Empire State Building.

This hostel has a guest kitchen, internet access and WiFi in the common areas, and unlike some hostels in New York this one has an elevator. Linens are included with the bed, although you’ll need to bring your own towels.

One other nice feature of Big Apple Hostel is the private outdoor deck at the back of the hostel off the kitchen – it’s the perfect place to eat whatever you’ve cooked up and hang out with fellow travelers.

Times Square 1 Hostel

With a name like “Times Square 1 Hostel,” it better be a stone’s throw from the famous square – and it is. Times Square – and all the things you’ll likely be heading over there to see, including the MTV studio – is right around the corner. The hostel boasts high ceilings and big windows, so it’s light and airy as well as clean and comfortable.

The amenities at this hostel include a fully-equipped guest kitchen, WiFi access throughout the hostel (including in the rooms), and all linens are included. You’ll need to rent or bring your own towels, and if you need a hairdryer but don’t want to carry one around with you they also have those for rent.

Note that there’s a minimum of a five-night stay required for reservations, and a maximum of 31 nights. There’s also an age restriction, so you’ll need to be between 18 and 40 to get a bed.

For more New York travel information, be sure to visit our New York travel guide!

original photo by Michael McDonough

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