Budget Hotels Instead of Venice Hostels

Venice isn’t a cheap city to visit, much less spend the night in – but in order to really experience the peaceful and even eerie side of this canal city, you’ve got to do more than just make it a day-trip. You can find a few actual hostels in Venice, but more often than not the cheapest hostels are the ones on the Venice mainland – not the islands themselves. And what’s the point of spending the night in Venice if you’re not in Venice proper?

So, instead of staying on the mainland, or if you find the Venice hostels are already full, or if you decide that Venice is the place to splurge a little on your accommodation (and that’s a fine decision, indeed), then here are some budget hotels in Venice that are still close enough to what you might end up paying for a hostel that they’re worth looking into – even if you have a strictly-hostels-only policy when you travel.

In other words, it may not be a bad idea to look into these budget hotels instead of Venice hostels.

>> To check out what else is on offer (hostels or budget hotels), take a look through our Venice hostels listings.

Hotel Ai Tolentini

The Hotel Ai Tolentini is conveniently located a 5-minute walk from the Venice train station, or a 1-minute walk from the bus stop. It’s on the opposite side of the Grand Canal from the train station in the Santa Croce area of Venice.

This is a very small 1-star hotel, with only 11 rooms, and all have private bathrooms, although some have a bath and some have a stall shower. There’s no air conditioning at this budget hotel, and no breakfast available, either. The rooms do have ceiling fans and TVs, and there are plenty of area cafes for breakfast.

Location: Santa Croce Calle Amai 197G – 30135 Venice
What’s Included: Linens, towels
What Costs Extra:

Hotel Caprera

Another budget hotel located near the train station is Hotel Caprera in the Cannaregio district, which is on the same side of the Grand Canal as the station itself. There are 14 rooms in the hotel, which has been a family-run business – by the same family – since 1953.

Budget travelers can save money by choosing a room without the breakfast option, although there is a breakfast served at the hotel. All the rooms have private bathrooms, but not all of them have air conditioning. Also, though the hotel does have WiFi, not all of the rooms have a strong enough signal to make it even work, so don’t count on it anywhere but the lobby.

Location: Cannaregio Lista di Spagna 219 – 30121 Venice
What’s Included: Linens, towels
What Costs Extra: Breakfast, WiFi

Locanda Silva

Although Locanda Silva is technically in the Castello district of Venice, it’s a short 5-minute walk to St. Mark’s Square – the centerpiece of the adjacent San Marco district (and, arguably, the city). It’s been run by the same family since 1956.

There are 23 rooms in the locanda (or “inn”), and breakfast is included in the price – but not all the rooms have private bathrooms, so if you’re looking to save a few bucks you can book one of the rooms that shares a bathroom. Because past guests say Locanda Silva is difficult to find (and in the maze of Venice, that’s not hard to understand), it’s recommended that you ask for detailed directions before you attempt to find it.

Location: Castello 4423 Fondamenta del Remedio – 30122 Venice
What’s Included: Linens, towels, breakfast
What Costs Extra:

Hotel Astoria

When it comes to fabulous locations for a hotel in Venice, you can’t get much better than a stone’s throw from St. Mark’s Square. But those hotels usually come with high price tags – which is why the budget-friendly Hotel Astoria is such a great find.

Most of the rooms at the Hotel Astoria have private bathrooms, and a simple breakfast is included – but although WiFi is available for a fee, the signal doesn’t reach far enough to be useful throughout the hotel. There isn’t a curfew at the hotel, but the reception desk isn’t staffed 24 hours a day – so if you return after 1am, you’ll have to ring the doorbell to be let back in.

Location: Calle Fiubera 951 San Marco – 30124 Venice
What’s Included: Linens, towels, breakfast
What Costs Extra: WiFi

Hotel Ai Do Mori

Another gem of a budget hotel that’s a minute’s walk from St. Mark’s Square is the Hotel Ai Do Mori. From some of the rooms on the upper floors of the hotel you’ll even get a view of the square’s iconic bell tower.

The Hotel Ai Do Mori has only 11 rooms, and if you want to save a little bit on your stay you can choose one of the rooms without a private bathroom. There’s no elevator in the hotel, but every room does have satellite TV and air conditioning.

Location: Calle Larga San Marco 658 – 30124 Venice
What’s Included: Linens, towels
What Costs Extra:

photo by MorBCN

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