Best Rated Hostels in Vancouver

vancouverWith the 2010 Winter Olympics right around the corner, it’s as good a time as any to be looking into travel plans for Vancouver – and if you’re trying to save money on your Olympic adventure, then you’ll definitely be looking into the many hostels in Vancouver for your accommodation. Luckily, there are lots of Vancouver hostels to choose from – but not all of them rank among the city’s best.

So if you want to not only save money on where you sleep but also stay in one of the better hostels in the city, then this list of some of the top-rated hostels in Vancouver should help.

Keep in mind that with the world descending on Vancouver during the Olympics, it could be that these top hostels have been booked solid for months already. That’s not to say you won’t be able to find a room anywhere in Vancouver, but if you haven’t booked by now you might end up paying more than you’d like for a room. Or you might end up being forced to get a room in a different city altogether, which presents even more problems when you’re talking about commuting to and from the games themselves.

In other words, if you’re definitely going to the Olympics in Vancouver, then you’d better get a bed booked pronto.

Best Rated Hostels in Vancouver

HI-Vancouver Central

Among the top-rated hostels in Vancouver is the HI Central. It’s right in the midst of the party neighborhood that is Granville Street, so it’s got a great location going for it. From a home base at this hostel, it’s easy to walk to all the hot night spots in the city and not be far from your bed when you’re all partied out.

But more than just a great location, the HI-Vancouver Central also offers a host of nice perks – like free breakfast (which is served until 10am, so you can even sleep in a little), free WiFi, free towels & linens, and comfy beds. The kitchen is minimal, but there are plenty of places around the hostel to eat out.

SameSun Backpacker Lodge

The SameSun Backpacker Lodge is downtown Vancouver’s largest hostel, but this is no institutional setting. In addition to the comfy dorms, there are private rooms, a games room, an outdoor patio, and an on-site restaurant that’s an ideal space to hang out with other backpackers.

Guests at SameSun Backpacker Lodge get free breakfast, and internet and WiFi are both available. And if you aren’t finding the ambience inside the hostel that you’re craving, a short walk in just about any direction on Granville Street just outside the door should be all you need to find a suitable party.

HI-Vancouver Downtown

This is the second HI hostel on this list (keep reading, there’s one more!), and although HI hostels do cost more for non-HI members they’re usually still worth it. And that’s definitely true with the HI-Vancouver Downtown hostel. It’s in a residential neighborhood a short walk from many downtown attractions, shops, and restaurants.

HI-Vancouver Downtown offers a free continental breakfast to all guests, plus free linens, free towels, free WiFi, and free coffee and tea available all day long. The dorms only have four beds per room, so they’re not overly huge, and the on-site facilities include a games room, a TV room, and a library.

Cambie Hostel – Gastown

The Cambie Hostel in the Gastown neighborhood of Vancouver is all about one thing – the party. There’s an on-site bar downstairs that’s incredibly popular with backpackers, but the common room upstairs is often lively with guests as well. And if that’s not enough, there are enough options in the neighborhood to keep you party-hopping all night long.

The free breakfast at Cambie Hostel in Gastown is just a muffin and some coffee, but if you want to pay a small fee you’ll get a hot continental breakfast. The Cambie also has a membership card you can buy that could come in especially handy if you’re staying for awhile in Vancouver or planning to stay at any other Cambie hostels.

HI-Vancouver Jericho Beach

If you don’t associate Vancouver with a beach (especially during the winter), remember that this is a city on the water. Okay, so it might not be Hawaii-warm, but it’s still a lovely view. Which is one of the many perks of the HI-Vancouver Jericho Beach location. And even with the nice beach location, it’s still only 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver.

Outdoorsy types especially will love the location of HI-Vancouver Jericho Beach, as it’s ideally placed for all manner of outdoor pursuits – from hiking to biking to kayaking to beach sports, it’s all right there. The hostel also offers free WiFi and has an on-site cafe.

photo by pat_ong

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